Improving the delivery of behavioral health services to vulnerable, under-served and high risk populations

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Our Mission

Mission Statement

The mission of the BHLI is to improve the delivery of mental health/substance use disorder services by bridging the gap between community needs, responsive service delivery, workforce development and research. 

BHLI has the following primary objectives:

1. Improving the training of persons engaged in the prevention and treatment of mental health and substance use disorders. The focus of workforce education and training will be derived from the identified service needs with input from vulnerable and under-served populations.

2. Engaging professionals and non-professionals in developing public policy initiatives and

3. Developing and implementing innovative pilot projects to address gaps in service and needs identified by stakeholders, including persons living in vulnerable and under-served communities.


BHLI projects are sustained by several long-term funders without whom these projects would not exist. They are:
Sustaining Funders:
The Jacob and Hilda Blaustein Foundation
The Krieger Fund
The Open Society Institute - Baltimore
Other significant funders include:
The Leonard and Helen R. Stulman Foundation
The Abell Foundation


Please visit our video on the Project Connections program at