Improving the delivery of behavioral health services to vulnerable, under-served and high risk populations

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BHLI Training

BHLI creates training programs designed to meet a particular program need. Trainings are offered either in a central location or at the program site and are modeled for different needs of the trainees whether they be lay staff, the community, clinical staff, administration or management. The approach is flexible and trainings are oriented to the specific needs of the client.

BHLI continues to provide training and has the capacity to offer training in the following areas:

• Introduction to mental health and substance use disorders
• Integrating substance use and mental health in your program
• Integrating behavioral health and primary care or improving partnerships and consultation
• Introducing community health workers into your clinical teams and improving effectiveness
• Building financial models that support innovating clinical practices


BHLI is experienced at developing successful conferences to advance learning for professionals and policy-makers in relevant fields. An example of BHLI’s work is the series of conferences and certificate training programs related to providing treatment for children and adolescents with sexual behavior problems. BHLI advances learning using a research-based approach to advance knowledge about new clinical models and interventions. BHLI provides the tools for learning at both the systems level and the clinical level. An example of this approach is the series of conferences presented by BHLI on the topic of “Treating the Forgotten Youth: Children and Adolescents with Sexual Behavior Problems”. The conference presented a topic, the policy and research relevant to that topic and then explained how the conference and training would improve practice in the field. BHLI presented three annual conferences in the field of treating children and adolescents with sexual behavior problems and provided year-long mentored certificate training programs to over 25 clinicians.

Please contact Deborah Agus at for additional information on professional and workforce training opportunities.

Consultation & Technical Assistance

BHLI offers consultation and technical assistance to professionals and organizations interested in the development and implementation of novel community-based behavioral health delivery and financing models.

Clients include:

• Allegany County
• Delaware Department of Health and Social Services
• Department of Health and Mental Hygiene: Health Services and Infrastructure Administration
• Polk County Health Services, Des Moines Iowa

For more information, please contact Deborah Agus at