Improving the delivery of behavioral health services to vulnerable, under-served and high risk populations

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Articles and Research about BHLI Project Connections

Behavioral Health Leadership Institute. (2016, September 16). Project Connections Buprenorphine Program: Program and Client Summary 2010-2016. Behavioral Health Leadership Institute, Inc.

Daniels A, Salisbury-Afshar E, Hochberg A, Agus D, Fingerhood M. A novel community-based buprenorphine program: Client description and initial outcomes. Journal of Addiction Medicine. J Addict Med Volume 8, Number 1, January/February 2014

Mendelson, T., Dariotis, J. K. and Agus, D. (2013), Psychosoial Strengths and Needs of Low-Income Substance Abusers in Recovery. J. Community Psychol., 41: 19–34. doi: 10.1002/jcop.21507

Mauro, P.M., Agus, D., Fingerhood, M. (2014, November 17). Reaching in to reach out: Unique program locates Buprenorphine treatment in two Baltimore City grassroots recovery programs. Poster session at the 2014 American Public Health Association annual conference in New Orleans, LA.

Bringing addicts in from the streets
Creative and flexible programs are needed to address the scourge of drug addiction
August 14, 2013|By Deborah Agus
Baltimore Sun, Op-Ed

Fingerhood, M., Mauro, P.M., Agus, D., Chaudhry, A.A. (2013, June 20) Community-based buprenorphine treatment program in Baltimore City: Reaching an underserved population. Poster session at the College on Problems of Drug Dependence annual conference in San Diego, California

Article about training program for clinicians to treat children and adolescents with sexual behavior problems:

Gill, R., Raphel, S. (2009) “New Hope and Help for Forgotten Youth”. Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing, Volume 22, Issue 2, pages 57–62

Other Publications by Staff:
Predictors of buprenorphine treatment success of opioid dependence in two Baltimore City grassroots recovery programs
Addictive Behaviors, Volume null, Issue null, Page null
April Joy Damian, Tamar Mendelson, Deborah Agus

Articles about Baltimore Capitation Project: A creative financing model

Baron, S. T., Agus, D., Osher, F., & Brown, D. (1998). The city of Baltimore, USA: The Baltimore experience. In D. Goldberg & G. Thornicroft (Eds.), Maudsley Monograph 42: Mental Health in our Future Cities (pp. 57–76). New York, NY: Psychology Press.

Agus, D., Blum, S., & Baron, S. (1995). Building a capacitated public mental health service for seriously mentally ill adults: The Baltimore experience. Administration and Policy in Mental Health, 22, 262–271.

Agus, D. (2012). Mental Health and the Law. In W.W. Eaton (Ed.), Public Mental Health (pp. 351–380). New York, NY: Oxford University Press, Inc.

State Action Limits Opioid Addiction Treatments

Op-ed: State action restricts treatment, increases potential for overdose deaths and targets the poor. Why are they taking this action now?
By: Deborah Agus, Leonard Feldman, Scott Nolen
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Additional Information:

Baltimore Sun Article
By: Meredith Cohn and Jean Marbella, Contact Reporters, The Baltimore Sun

NPR Podcast
July 19, 20163:20 PM ET | Heard on All Things Considered

Letter to Editor About Addiction Treatment Funding
By: Deborah Agus, Executive Director, BHLI

BHLI News:

BHLI Project Connections Buprenorphine Program is now at an additional site: A Step Forward. We look forward to working with our new partner!

Contract with Cigna-Health Springs for Care Coordination:
In partnership with Care at Hand and The Maryland Behavioral Health Network – Alliance, BHLI was awarded a contract from Cigna-Health Springs for the Care Coordination Initiative. BHLI will be responsible for training the new Community Health Workers to be part of an MBHN team at Mosaic to treat Medicaid/Medicare enrollees with co-occurring diagnoses. BHLI is quite excited to be partnering with the private sector in building this new workforce paradigm. The BHLI CHW Toolkit will be front and center as a basis for the training and will be given to each participant to use in the field.

Good and Welfare:
Congratulations to Chris de Marco on his promotion to Senior Vice President and General Manager of Research and Market Insights at Sage Growth Partners.

Deborah Agus was promoted to Adjunct Associate Professor at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health – Department of Mental Health.

BHLI is a nominee for the 4th Annual Thomas Scattergood Innovation Award sponsored by the Scattergood Foundation and the Kennedy Forum.
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